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PeptideSynthetics: Peptide Protein Research Ltd.

PeptideSynthetics: The custom peptide synthesis service from Peptide Protein Research Ltd.

We specialise in the custom synthesis of synthetic peptides and peptide based molecules, providing a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices.


We are continuing to offer full support to our customers and are ready to help with any Covid-19 research. We have already worked with a number of customers on this and are developing a full range of Sars-Cov-2 overlapping peptides along with specific ACE2 analogues. We are also offering expedited delivery times for Covid-19 related projects. Please call or email us to discuss this.

Peptide modifications

A comprehensive range of N-terminal, C-terminal and side chain modifications are available, including but not limited to: biotin, fluorescent labelling, phosphopeptides, stable isotopes and peptides for antibody production. We are experienced in the synthesis of difficult and hydrophobic peptide sequences, and unusual peptide modifications. Our chemists are available to discuss any potential modifications with customers or to advise on strategies for complex modifications.

Wide range of purities and quantities

Peptides are available in milligram to gram quantities, and a range of purities from crude peptides to >98% depending on the customers requirements. Peptides are routinely synthesised from 2 up to 60 amino acids in length, but depending on sequence longer peptides can be synthesised. Standard peptides in the range of 2-40 amino aacids in length and up to >95% purity are dispatched within 3-5 weeks. For peptides that are in the range of 40-100 amino acids or purity >98% dispatch times will be advised when quoted for. A fast track service is also available upon request. For larger batch quantities peptides can be supplied in batches to expedite delivery.

Specialist Expertise

The peptide synthesis service we offer includes but is not limited to:

  • Biotinylated peptides
  • Cyclisation
  • Difficult sequences
  • D-amino acids
  • Fluorescent labelled peptides
  • Hydrophobic sequences
  • Phosphorylated sequences
  • Methylated peptides
  • Stable isotope labelled peptides
  • Unnatural amino acids

Contact us for information, quotes and advice.

Peptide Mass Calculator

Try our easy to use peptide mass calculator.

Weighing out a sample

In-house Synthesis

All peptides ordered from us are synthesized by us in our laboratories. We do not outsource any peptide synthesis.
Frequently asked questions

Fast Track Synthesis

If you require a peptide urgently we can fast track the synthesis.

Ask for a fast track price when you request a quotation. Prices are typically 25% higher and under half the delivery time. If we fail to make the fast track delivery we quoted then the standard price is charged.

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