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Terms and conditions of order

Last updated: January 2009

Order acceptance

An order is accepted on receipt of your purchase order number. Once an order has been accepted it cannot be altered or cancelled unless agreed by both parties.


The price payable for products is listed in your quotation. Prices are exclusive of VAT. A valid VAT exemption certificate must be supplied at the time of order for VAT exempt orders, otherwise VAT will be added to the invoice.

Peptide sequence

PPR Ltd request that all peptide sequences are received in electronic format. The quotation will list the peptide sequence in one letter code, and any modifications using standard nomenclature wherever possible. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the quotation contains the correct sequence and modifications required.

Payment terms

For registered customers payment terms are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice, and if payment is not made within this period PPR Ltd reserve the right to charge interest at the appropriate rate. For new customers full payment is required with the placement of an order.

Delivery times

Estimated delivery times are for guidance only, and are not guaranteed. PPR Ltd will aim to keep you informed, and provide revised delivery times if necessary. PPR Ltd cannot guarantee that it is possible to synthesise custom products, and will not be liable for late delivery or for failure to synthesise any product, provided that reasonable endeavours have been made.


Products are intended for laboratory research purposes by suitable qualified persons only and are not to be used for any other purpose.


Products are supplied at or over the requested quantity and purity. Data supplied with the products will confirm product identity and purity. Peptides are lyophilised and supplied as the trifluoroacetate salt or ammonium salt unless otherwise requested. Peptides are supplied as gross weight and net peptide content is not calculated. Custom peptides are not tested for toxicity or stability, and no shelf life is provided.


Any products that do not conform to the specifications requested must be reported within 21 days of delivery. PPR Ltd is not liable for non-conformity due to natural degradation of products or due to inadequate storage or handling techniques.

Fast track service

The price quoted for fast track delivery will only be charged if the peptide is shipped within the time quoted for the fast track service. If the peptide is shipped after this time the standard peptide price will be charged.

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